studio prAcademics

studio pracAdemics was founded by Tejas Kathiriya in ahmedabad with the keen percepective of interweaving academic hypothesis with professional practice and vice versa . pragmatic solutions to the design issues remain the foremost criteria of our young practice, efforts of merging art with built spaces & artistic proportions with honest aesthetic has always managed to form a background in design development.

once a building is completed, we walk out of the building for the last time, we know our work has come to an end. that is the beginning of real purpose of creating architecture. a new set of people will take over the spaces once you have canvassed, with acute sense of ownership and emotional bonding. this process is more unpredictable and complex than the real art of construction. we design every piece of architecture for the later process. we engage our skills to merge the new set of authors and protagonists with their living and working environment. we constantly thrive to meet the corners of vitruvius' triangle : firmitas , utilitas e venustas. (firm, functional & beautiful)